Head Coach Jack Petelo

Born in Samoa Jack moved to New Zealand, playing rugby at Otahuhu RFC a suburb of Auckland. He then left NZ for England, to work in and play Rugby; semi-professionally for Bracknell RFC. He has been coaching men’s rugby for 6 years and worked for as a Community Coach for Gloucester Rugby RFC. In 2018 we set up Petelo Rugby All Stars to provide a quality TAG & contact rugby coaching program both in and out of schools for children between the age of 4 to 11 and 12 to 18.


Petelo Rugby All Stars provide a quality rugby coaching programme both in and out of schools, for all children between the ages 4 - 11 yrs and 12 - 18 yrs.

Our classes are made up of fun games and activities children will enjoy, aimed to develop core skills in children of all abilities, helping to build confidence on and off the pitch. Rugby can have a huge impact on a child’s life and their development. It is also very important for them to learn basic core skills from a young age.
Our RFU qualified coaches are experienced in playing rugby and have a passion to promote the sport. We aim to get as many boys and girls taking part in physical activities promoting health, fitness in sport (specialising in rugby).

Petelo Rugby All Star sessions promote:
Respect: Accepting and supporting each other
Teamwork: Embracing the team, empathy and resilience
Comradery: Sportsmanship and integrity
Discipline: Control and strength of character
Health and Fitness: Understanding our bodies, well-being and strength
Enjoyment: Motivation, fun, passion and positivity

 These are essential life skills that have a positive impact on children’s lives as they grow and develop, making physical activity enjoyable is even more important in this technical age our children are living in, so encourage your child to come and take part.

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